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How We’re Different

A Financial Plan is Important — Knowing What Kind of Financial Advice You’re Getting is Critical

Life-Centered Financial Coaching and Planning

As you focus on increasing your level of financial satisfaction and success, it is important to understand your history, values, motivations and priorities. They provide the strategic framework for making choices with greater purpose, precision and confidence.

Ninety-percent (90%) of decisions are not driven by logic and facts. No matter how rational we are, financial decisions are driven by your beliefs about money.

So, we approach money as a financial coach rather than just a financial advisor. And we’ve integrated leading evidence-based and time-tested tools to engineer solutions exclusively for you.

A Return on Life, Not Just a Return on Investment

Thousands of firms offer financial advice. If you’re like most people, you are unclear about the differences among them.

Whatever their business cards call them (e.g., planner, advisor, manager, representative, agent), most self-described “financial planners” focus almost exclusively on your investments.

In fact, Cerulli Associates found that only 30% of self-described “planners” truly offer financial planning services.

Focus YOU integrates your investments with other aspects of your financial life, including:

  • Cash, mortgages and liability management
  • Asset and income protection
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Other financial areas

A Traditional Financial Plan vs. Your Focused Life Plan

Traditional financial plans are solely about the numbers. A Focused Life Plan focuses on the whole of you.

Comparison of a FocusYOU Financial Plan versus a Typical Financial Plan


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