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Do you have a nagging feeling that you could be doing more to acheive your financial independence and security?


Most of our visitors want out of the pressure cooker. They come with questions about managing their investments, but really want the answer to one simple question: “Are we going to be okay?”

If you’re like most of our clients, you:

  • Have achieved a certain level of professional and financial success.
  • Have stock options, restricted stock or some type of deferred compensation.
  • Have enough on your plate and are seeking solutions to get your time back.

Focus YOU offers integrated financial coaching, planning and wealth management services to simplify your life, give you your time back and increase your financial confidence.

We collaborate with you to clarify your goals and achieve positive results. By partnering with us, you will:

  • Make smarter decisions with your money.
  • Mitigate or negate the impact of income taxes.
  • Take care of your heirs and loved ones.
  • Protect your wealth against lawsuits and judgments.
  • Make a difference in your community, should you choose.

Once you put your plan into place, you’ll be able to put parts of your financial life on autopilot.

We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and have clients as far away as New York.

Complete this form to download a copy of  "The 10 Must Address Financial Challenges for Peace of Mind."


Our Core Belief and Bold Promise

Core Belief: When you get your money right, you can get your life right!

Bold Promise: Help you make smarter decisions to secure financial independence and increase your financial peace of mind.  

Learn more about our commitment to you.


A 2nd Opinion Increases Confidence

People over 40 often feel, “This is my last chance to get it right,” but aren't sure what to do.  They often lose confidence in their current plan, investments or advisor's advice.

Our Financial Second Opinion may be what they want.


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"What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say." ---- Ralph Waldo Emerson