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Top Stock Picks of 2015 - Yearend Review

In January 2015, I blogged about Top Stock Picks for 2015.  I provided an update in June 2016.  This is the update based on yearend values.

So, how did the analysts and managers do in 2015?

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Top 7 Myths About Financial Planners: Part 2

In my previous blog, we reviewed truths 1-3 to dispel the myths about “real” financial planners..  Now we’ll cover myths 4-7.

Myth 4: Financial planners are only for the people with lots of money. 


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Top 7 Myths About Financial Planners: Part 1

U.S. households generally agree they need a financial plan to achieve long-term success and security.  However, too many households—including those with engineers and scientists—hold beliefs about financial planners that make them hesitant to seek out or work with a qualified financial planner.  

Here are eight truths to dispel the myths about “real” financial planners.

Myth 1: Financial planners are the same as stockbrokers, insurance agents and other financial salespeople.  

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17X – Not a Fitness Program, but It's Still PE

I’m a huge fan of P90X fitness programs, but 17X is not about fitness.  It’s about the U.S. stock market.

The stock market is a forward-looking barometer and reflects the future expectations of the economy.

One of the oldest and commonly used metrics to value individual stocks and the stock market is the price-to-earnings ratio (P/E ratio).  The P/E ratio is defined and calculated as market price per share divided by annual earnings per share.


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Houdini and Your Bond Yield – The Magic of Illusion

Many years ago, one of my clients inherited a large sum of callable out of state muni bonds (munis) in an account at a large, brand-name brokerage firm.  As a resident of California, this client received none of the income tax benefits for the munis and wanted to know what to do.

After analyzing the clients situation, I determined that a diversified bond portfolio designed specifically for conservative investors and those funding near-term liabilities would be more appropriate.  The portfolio has the following three characteristics:

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