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Top 7 Myths About Financial Planners: Part 1

U.S. households generally agree they need a financial plan to achieve long-term success and security.  However, too many households—including those with engineers and scientists—hold beliefs about financial planners that make them hesitant to seek out or work with a qualified financial planner.  

Here are eight truths to dispel the myths about “real” financial planners.

Myth 1: Financial planners are the same as stockbrokers, insurance agents and other financial salespeople.  

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Houdini and Your Bond Yield – The Magic of Illusion

Many years ago, one of my clients inherited a large sum of callable out of state muni bonds (munis) in an account at a large, brand-name brokerage firm.  As a resident of California, this client received none of the income tax benefits for the munis and wanted to know what to do.

After analyzing the clients situation, I determined that a diversified bond portfolio designed specifically for conservative investors and those funding near-term liabilities would be more appropriate.  The portfolio has the following three characteristics:

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Engineers Experience Emotions, Too!

The downsizing that’s occurring at Keysight has created a great deal of uncertainty for affected employees. One of the immediate responses voiced by terminated employees was, “I’m going to sell all of my [Keysight] stock!”

This was an emotional response from some very rational, analytical people. Anger was the culprit and a natural human response.

I’ve seen too many engineers and other people make financial mistakes and regrettable decisions made from a place of fear, anger, disappointment or disbelief.

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It's All about Context... Federal Policy and Business Uncertainty

There is no such thing as business certainty. Uncertainty is a natural part of the business environment and never goes away. In our previous post, we saw evidence that rising stock prices reflect an improving U.S. economy. Still, there are plenty of noisemakers offering half-truths, mistruths and a distortion of facts who claim that uncertainty about taxation, regulation and other reforms are impeding the economic recovery. Simply listening to the media, one could easily conclude that there is widespread disagreement about how to accelerate the recovery.

In reality, however, there’s little disagreement among reasonable people. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business finds remarkable agreement among leading U.S. economists on most major macroeconomic issues, though they hold diverse political perspectives. The most surprising thing is that these economists agree, even when there is considerable disagreement on Capitol Hill. What have economists found concerning the extent to which federal policy affects business and economic uncertainty?

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