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Buy Gold for Bling - Not Your Portfolio.

Since the Great Recession began in 2008, there have been unlimited doomsday commentaries about the rise in Federal debt and the coming collapse of the U.S. dollar:

  • The U.S. budget deficit grew another $53 billion.

  • Debt as a percentage of GDP is growing.

  • The Chinese prefer gold to U.S. dollars.

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Rebar for Your Financial Peace of Mind

Last time, we looked at lifetime earning power and how the average amount of life insurance protection of $166,800 would cover just over one and half years of income for someone earning $100,000 a year.

Coping with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough in itself.  When you compound the death without enough financial resources…whew!  That’s tough.

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Rebar to Cement Your Financial Foundation

You're working your tail off to build a solid financial foundation for family.  You now have some home equity, personal savings, investment and retirement accounts.  You may even own an investment property.

You’re doing everything in your power to create a secure and comfortable lifestyle for yourself and family.

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17X – Not a Fitness Program, but It's Still PE

I’m a huge fan of P90X fitness programs, but 17X is not about fitness.  It’s about the U.S. stock market.

The stock market is a forward-looking barometer and reflects the future expectations of the economy.

One of the oldest and commonly used metrics to value individual stocks and the stock market is the price-to-earnings ratio (P/E ratio).  The P/E ratio is defined and calculated as market price per share divided by annual earnings per share.

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Houdini and Your Bond Yield – The Magic of Illusion

Many years ago, one of my clients inherited a large sum of callable out of state muni bonds (munis) in an account at a large, brand-name brokerage firm.  As a resident of California, this client received none of the income tax benefits for the munis and wanted to know what to do.

After analyzing the clients situation, I determined that a diversified bond portfolio designed specifically for conservative investors and those funding near-term liabilities would be more appropriate.  The portfolio has the following three characteristics:

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