Let go of your money guilt, and get your life back.

Do you have the nagging feeling that you could be doing more to secure your financial future?

Are you weighed down by shame or embarrassment about choices you’ve made with money in the past?

You want out of the pressure cooker that is your daily life. You want professional help to ease your mind and outline your path, but you are afraid of being judged for past decisions and mistakes. So, you avoid coming to see a professional financial planner and push off making decisions until "later." But in the back of your mind, it's eating at you. What if you wake up every morning filled with confidence about your money --- knowing that you're on track to achieve your life goals, while still feeling comfortable to experience life today?


Welcome to the 'No-Guilt Zone'.

At FocusYOU we want you to feel safe to share. You’re an expert in what you do—not in personal finance. No question is off limits or too simple or embarassing to ask. When you enter to 'No-Guilt Zone':  

  • We offer advice in a non-judgmental shame-free environment.
  • We don't allow you to beat yourself up.
  • We recognize that you’ve done the best you could do with what you know.
  • We start with where you are and then build toward the life you want.

We work with you to build confidence and motivate you to take purposeful action.

Find your financial balance.

Our Financial Self-evaluation Tool helps you identify your financial blindspots and increase your financial power.

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FocusYOU provides integrated financial life planning and advice to simplify your life, get your time back and increase your financial confidence.

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William D. Pitney MBA®, CFP®, CeFT®
Financial Coach

William, FocusYOU's founder, is passionate about helping people achieve their financial and life goals.  He became a financial planner after witnessing the devastating effects that poor advice had on his mother-in-law following the death of her husband.  She lost her home, savings and sense of financial independence.  William entered the industry deeply committed to ensuring others never face the same fate and helps them take charge of their future.

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How Can We Help You?

If you're like our clients before working with us, you want to answer the question, “Is my family going to be okay?” You want services that address what's important to you, including clarity about the big picture WHY of your financial life.  You want us to understand the detailed calculations, but don't want to get overwhelmed by the numbers.  You want practical, real world solutions and framework for making confident decisions. 

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